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In 1998 a wonderful thing happened; I became a Mama!† Thatís all it took and I was hooked.† Pregnancy, natural birth and breastfeeding seemed to consume my thinking and a passion began to stir within me. I knew then that my future included lots of babies; and not just my own!†† I have seen many different scenarios with the birth of my five beautiful children including: long labours, birthing large babies, breech version and major breastfeeding struggles. I had two hospital births and three homebirths, one of them being a water birth.† I desire to see other women know the beauty and joy of birth and feel strong and confident in their ability to do it well.

In early 2007, I began my formal training as a birth doula.† Doing my training with The Academy for Childbirth Educators in the U.S. afforded me many opportunities within the birth community.† I volunteered at a home for pregnant youth and served other women through the community we lived in.† Once back in Canada, I continued to educate and serve women as I finished up my Dona training. This was an exciting time for me, and my passion continues to grow with each birth I am privileged to participate in. I love seeing women get excited about the possibilities for their birth experience. I hope to renew a sense of pride for birth families and bring joy back to the birth room.† I also hope to further my training and expertise and become a Midwife.

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Jen Hammond CD(DONA)

Providing Doula Services throughout Halifax, N.S. and† surrounding area.