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Becoming a Father, a Papa, a Dad, is an equally life changing moment. The experience of birth can be intimidating, surreal and exhilarating.† As partners participate in this special moment, and witness the birth of a new little person, a whole world is opened up. Here is a story of one partnerís experience of becoming a Daddy!

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Jen Hammond CD(DONA)

Providing Doula Services throughout Halifax, N.S. and the surrounding area.

When I first found out my partner was pregnant, many emotions came rushing in .  I felt excitement, joy, wonder, anticipation, worry and yes...fear.  Through the nine months of her pregnancy those emotions changed, evolved and grew.  I was becoming mentally prepared to be a first time father and becoming more confident and ready.  I did think of one thing often which disturbed me.  I wondered if I was going to love this child?  This person whom I haven't seen, haven't heard, haven't met, who I don't know anything am I supposed to genuinely love?  Most parents I talked to would say, "it's a big sacrifice, but it's worth it."  Would I feel the same way?  Doubt started creeping into my emotions...which was the worst one of all.
When my son was born, all doubt was removed.  I instantly felt a kind of love and bond that I've never felt before, that of one between a parent and child.  Tears well up when I look at him, when I think of him and when I think of what he'll become.  To know that he will be loved eternally by both mom and myself is an amazing feeling.  It's an experience like nothing else and I am looking forward to the ride.
- A very happy father.